Disaster Recovery, Disaster Prevention
June 3, 2022
NATCO’s Logistics Process
June 21, 2022
Disaster Recovery, Disaster Prevention
June 3, 2022
NATCO’s Logistics Process
June 21, 2022

From Cori’s Desk…

30 years in business. 30 life lessons learned. Here’s Cori Eckley’s angle.


  1. VP Cori Eckley’s 30 for 30

    The market is forever changing.

  2. Strong relationships go miles, both for customers and carriers.

  3. Smooth communication makes our orders go smoothly.

  4. I start my day with a large, unsweetened iced tea.

  5. There’s definitely a need for technology, but personalization is key.

  6. On my desk: my CTB certificate in a frame, and a plaque that says “No Bad Days.”

  7. We were the first tenant to move into this co-working space.

  8. On the highway, when I see an 18-wheeler, I usually look at the MC number. Always looking to grow the business.

  9. My office environment philosophy: Follow your gut. Be reasonable. I know life happens, and sometimes it’s out of our control.

  10. The transportation industry is chaotic. And NATCO thrives on chaos.

  11. Efficiency is having complete details on an order and minimizing the unexpected challenges.

  12. One of the most rewarding things is receiving a compliment from a carrier or a customer in regards to the service we provide them.

  13. We provide service to carriers by providing them complete info and the expectations with each order, so they go into a partnership with NATCO knowing everything they can know about an order.

  14. Being a women-owned and woman-operated business is fun.

  15. Cori Eckley: On Top of Her Orders

    25% of people think i’m a guy (because of my name) before they meet me. They’ll make the comment that they were expecting a guy. I shrug it off and roll back into the conversation at hand. I don’t take it as a negative.

  16. Trust is everything in this business, not only from your customer but also from your carrier, to meet the expectations from each order.

  17. Trust is trusting a carrier to represent NATCO in the fashion we want our image to be portrayed.

  18. Everything rides on wheels…and trust.

  19. When I think of the price of diesel, I think of how I’m going to communicate the effect of the current market and the impact diesel prices have on the availability of trucks, and also the acceptance from carriers on specific orders.

  20. The fluctuations in the price of diesel sometimes mirror the fluctuations in my own life.

  21. Shortest shipment to date: 1.2 miles in Fort Worth (took longer to secure the load than to deliver it).

  22. Largest shipment to date: Midland, TX to Colorado—a 22’ diameter tank.

  23. The best drivers are the ones who communicate and are straight up, and if they have problems they ask for help.

  24. In 5 years…I don’t even know what i’m doing 5 days from now.

  25. In 10 years, I hope to have the same environment. I love the industry. I want to grow: within this industry, and professionally, and personally.

  26. In 25 years, i hope to be retired.

  27. In 50 years, there’ll be a lot more efficiency, due to technology.

  28. My favorite movement of freight is the heavy equipment arena because of the challenges and the constraints to make it a smooth order.

  29. At the end of the day, I look back and think how fast my day has gone. And I think that’s a good thing.

  30. The transportation industry is not for the faint of heart.

Special value-added Life Lesson (because, you know, we’re now in our 31st year):

31. You can get your knees scraped up in this industry. But it only makes you stronger.