Flatbed Trucking Services

Matching the Right Flatbed Truck for Your Freight

By Definition

Flatbed trucking includes a full truck load—maximizing either the available 48’ of deck space or 48K lb capacity of a full truck and trailer.

NATCO has extensive experience in flatbed delivery, utilizing a variety of trailer types, including: removable goose necks, step decks, basic flats, and double drops.

We work closely with you to determine your specific needs to ensure fast, safe, and secure delivery.

From Concept to Reality

Time and again, our clear communication with everyone involved in each order—customer, dispatcher, driver—exceeds expectations. The results and the rewards are in the long-lasting relationships we've built over the years.

The NATCO Commitment

We've completed hundreds of thousands of orders since our founding. Our team brings deep experience in flatbed shipments to the forefront of the industry in order to focus on you and your requirements. Our goal and our proof: your orders are delivered quickly, safely, and in compliance.


of our business is with repeat customers.

Flatbed Trucking: The Essentials

Supply and demand generate trillions of dollars in the transportation of material goods and commodities throughout, into, and from the United States each year.

Flatbed delivery is the most common method of shipment in North America, including Full Truck Loads, Specialized Equipment, Over-dimension & Heavy Haul, and Partial Loads.

What separates NATCO from the competition?

  • We provide superb customer service.

  • We study the landscape, anticipating industry trends.

  • We're proactive. Our experience allows us to minimize and avoid problems.

  • We're reactive. When problems do arise, we deal with them—and you—directly, honestly, quickly, and professionally.