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Introducing Cori Eckley, CTB.

Cori Eckley, NATCO

Proudly: Cori Eckley, CTB

Team NATCO is proud to announce that our very own Cori Eckley, vice president of operations, is now a Certified Transportation Broker.

Administered by the Transportation Intermediaries Association, the CTB is “the highest broker certification that exists and the most widely recognized distinction in the transportation industry.”

It’s designed to “increase the professionalism and integrity of property brokerage, meet the educational needs of brokers, and expand basic knowledge of the brokerage and transportation industry through a rigorous certification program.”

Cori has long been an overachiever, with a strong attention to detail. From Bellevue University in Nebraska, she holds both a BS in Business Administration (with a minor in Finance) and an MBA (Business Administration).

She became NATCO’s VP of Operations in 2005 and has pioneered a transformation of the company into a highly-respected member of the industry, championing strong relationships with carriers, customers, and dispatch alike across the country. Under her leadership, NATCO continues to onboard quality carriers (which the team treats with the same respect as its customers), create new avenues of opportunity (literally and virtually), and adapt cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations.

She’s a proud customer advisory board member of and attends yearly TIA conferences. So, she’s tuned in to the changes and challenges and advancements of the 3PL world. Still, those who know Cori know that she’s always striving to improve, both personally and professionally.

NATCO's Cori Eckley is now a Certified Transportation Broker.

Cori of NATCO: Certified

And so, her new accomplishment as a Certified Transportation Broker. The course was as comprehensive as it was grueling. Areas covered included:

  • Business structure and product service
  • Accounting & finance from a transportation perspective
  • Ethics in business
  • Pricing strategies within transportation
  • Fleet management
  • Transportation history
  • Government regulations (how brokerage has evolved since 1936)
  • Transportation law

Oh, and she passed on the first try—a nearly three-hour exam. (Editors note: Though nobody’s saying, knowing Cori, we suspect she passed with flying colors.)

Why did she do it?

“I leaned how we can improve,” says Cori. “The Certified Transportation Broker course and certificate show tangible ways we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors, and it helps to better our team and our operations.”

As we head into our 25-year anniversary, Team NATCO heartily congratulates Cori on her newest accomplishment.