On Renewables
May 30, 2024
On Renewables
May 30, 2024

Our series on The NATCO Way of doing business.

The Delay This Time

We have no problem with sharing one of the key ingredients to the secret sauce of our success.

In fact, we’re proud to share this ingredient. We’re making it available to to our competition as open source code. Here it is:

Clear and timely communication.

There you go, competitors. Have at it.

We bring up communication a lot on our blog, and we weave the importance of it throughout our website.

Clear and timely communication is so central that it’s the theme of our inaugural monthly newsletter, Ideas in Transit. Each month, we’ll explore issues affecting the transportation industry, how we approach them, and how that contributes to The NATCO Difference.

Communication with you should not be puzzling.

This month, it’s all about communicating. There are a number of reasons why deliveries are delayed. Some of them are truly unanticipated ⏤ a sudden flash flood, for example, that causes a driver to detour, or maybe the vehicle breaks down.

Most delays, however, are caused by a communication problem. Somebody forgot to confirm the order for the pilot cars on that oversize load. Somebody forgot to confirm with the wrecker service for the offload. Somebody forgot to secure a DOT heavy load permit. The list goes on.

The NATCO Difference is in our approach. Delivering updates to our customers in a timely, honest manner. At the beginning and at the end of the day: exceptional, clear communication ⏤ with you, with dispatch, and with our drivers ⏤ helps your load transport on time, on budget, and in compliance.

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