Cori Eckley, NATCO
NATCO Foundations
May 31, 2017
Moving Congressionally
June 20, 2017
Cori Eckley, NATCO
NATCO Foundations
May 31, 2017
Moving Congressionally
June 20, 2017
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Carrier Engagement

Toward the Long Haul.

Carrier Integrity

Carriers Complete the Puzzle

NATCO’s ongoing goal is also the foundation of our business: providing exceptional and reliable customer service. This includes matching your needs with the right equipment, delivering on time, and pricing both honestly and competitively.

A key component of that success is the reliability of our carriers. Driver dependability is essential.

Here is a detailed view of our process:

  1. With a secured order, we phone the job site to gather details such as hours of operation, equipment that’s on site, and specific offload days and hours. (For example, some avoid Friday deliveries due to shortened hours of operation, though if we can guarantee an 8:00 a.m. arrival, often they’ll go with it.)
  2. We balance the travel distance and transit time to project a reasonable window to have the order delivered—legally and safely.
  3. Sharon and Shaq here at Team NATCO process those details, then find a carrier who can meet the requirements.
  4. We confirm—a day before, or day of—to assure that our carrier is loaded.
  5. We contact the job site again to confirm arrival details.
  6. On delivery, we phone the job site once more to confirm everything is in order.
  7. We contact the customer to confirm the delivery.

Yes, that’s a whole lot of confirmation. Because it’s vital. And a reliable carrier is essential—at every step in the process—to a successful delivery.

Some 1,700,000 heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers are at work throughout the United States. From this large pool of the workforce, NATCO processes an average of 80 new carrier setups each month. That’s about a thousand new drivers with qualified availability each year.

We welcome all new qualified carriers. And we always prefer building a relationship, paving the way toward return engagements, rather than taking on a one-and-done situation.

How does the relationship-building happen? Much of it involves chemistry between the carrier and our team. That’s why we work on building those relationships: learning what kind of freight our carriers like, their preferred routes, their typical availability, and their experience with specializations.

The results? By experience, building these partnerships

  • establishes rapport
  • establishes trust
  • prevents downtime
  • assures a quality of service that we campaign to deliver consistently to all of our customers

In this way, everybody truly wins.


The Visual

We recently launched Team NATCO’s YouTube channel, and it will grow steadily this year. Be sure to check out our recent entry that introduces who we are and what we do, all in a very visual way. Click HERE.