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Trucker’s Mini Vacations

What to Do After You Park.Trucker's Life

Ask any driver: life on the road can be peaceful and enjoyable. And at times it can also be tedious and stressful.

Sharon Porter, Team NATCO’s dispatcher extraordinaire, came to us after years of experience behind the wheel, and its gives her knowing insight on the driver’s life.

Her advice? Mix it up. Give yourself a break. Because the road can be tough. And yes, Sharon has a story about giving herself a break. We present it in her own words (you might want to put your seat belt on):

The Clay Pot

A group of us ended up in Laredo for the weekend. The company I was driving with had a terminal there. Eight of us, mostly guys, went across the border to Mexico. I shopped a bit, bought a couple of blankets.

Trucker's Mini VacationIt was 105 degrees. I was thirsty. I saw a margarita stand. They sold them in these pretty clay pots at $4 each. So, I went and got one. Well, it tasted pretty good. So Ihad three more. I was numb.

Border patrol asked me if I had any drugs. I said no. Next thing I remember, I woke up in the truck in the terminal in Laredo. So, I went back to sleep—for 13 hours. Woke up, got myself together. And then we left for the next job.

Unbeknownst to me, you could’ve bought non-alcoholic margaritas in those same clay pots.

Sharon’s point—aside from those delicious margaritas—is that you deserve to do things. Get out of the truck, which can become claustrophobic. Go to the movies. Go to the mall.

It’s also easy to keep creature comforts for a life on the road. A refrigerator, coffee pot, cooker, TV, DVD player, butane gas grill: all can be purchased inexpensively.

The goal is to create a balance so that you’re fresh and ready to drive safely, every time you get behind the wheel.