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December 28, 2016
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January 18, 2017
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Transporting Your 2017

As Team NATCO kicks into gear for the new year, we want to give you a general preview of our general plans for transporting your 2017.


The Client Base.

NATCO 2017

Rolling into 2017

We remain ever proud that, time and again, our exceptional customer service brings our customers back to us. That’s why 80% of our clients are repeat business. Our core client base, with some stellar new additions, has provided a good, positive symmetry between customers and our team.

We’ve updated our desktop computer system and rolled out a new voicemail system, including new telephones, giving us better technology for our core method of communication with clients, which is, yes, the telephone. (Oh. We also have a water cooler and an ice machine.)


Conventions & Strategy.

At the end of February, VP Cori Eckley will attend a three-day brainstorming session as a member of Truckstop.com’s Customer Advisory Board. This is key component to NATCO’s general networking strategy for nurturing our existing client relationships and creating new ones.

The annual Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Capital Ideas Conference—April 5-8 this year in Las Vegas. It’s the largest gathering of 3PLs in the world, and here we network with like-minded professionals to discuss challenges and successes, toward improving our services throughout the industry.


New Technology.

With our cargo insurance program successfully in place for our carriers, we’re also looking to integrate LoadPay into our system. LoadPay is designed to streamline payment to our carriers in a timelier way, while giving us freedom to manage their cash flow more effectively and plan their budgets in a more effective manner. With LoadPay, carriers can opt for quick pay and cash out, or they can bank that income and better factor their net take.


Forward Thinking.

Recently, we were one of five companies that had the opportunity to provide quotes to a potential client. The process involved very open communication, with feedback delivered on how we approach logistics.

Given this opportunity, the clients could readily assess the added value and benefits that Team NATCO carried, and they trusted us to manage the bulk of their freight. They saw our experience with variables, like high-security military scenarios, delivery to sites requiring driver background checks, delivery of cranes, and closed street access due to size.

Our Free Freight Assessment for your logistics needs is specifically designed to provided that added level of trust between future customers and NATCO. We highly recommend you give it a try.