April 7, 2023
On Cameras
April 21, 2023

The NATCO Difference

No curtain: The way we do business.

In a recent posting, we detailed our process ⏤ pulling back the curtain on how  we do what we do to efficiently get your load discussed, confirmed, ordered, loaded, delivered, and off-loaded.

We underscore that there shouldn’t be any mystery to our process, and we believe its this transparency that contributes in a large way to our industry reputation.

Today, we take a deeper dive into that process with some examples.

First Contact: taking information, delivering a quote.
The other day, says VP Cori Eckley, “someone called in. I’d never worked with him. He knew his stuff. He needed it the next day. I put him on hold, set a price, and sent it over to him. He said yes within half an hour.”

If the query involves something that the potential customer is unsure of, or if our team wants to dig into the situation a bit more, we may not quote them on the phone. Typically, though, we respond within 30 minutes.

Green-Lighting: securing delivery methods, scheduling.
If we’ve done our work well, and if the customer shares all the right information during first contact, the steps to contracting the order are fairly seamless.

Still, says Cori, “If i have a hunch that something is sideways at the receiver, like needing clarity on their hours of operation, I’ll call them.”

As in: we pick up the phone and ask questions. Call us old fashioned.

Shipment in Route: our work during transit
We know that life happens. Traffic, weather, mechanical issues: all can contribute to delays with delivery.

While the industry standard allows us to geo-locate in four-hour increments, we can ⏤ and often do ⏤ spot check at any time, so long as the driver is conforming with his tracking technology.

No curtain. The NATCO differentiator is in our transparency. That’s not bragging. It’s simply the way we do business.