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January 29, 2020
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February 12, 2020

The Strength of Texas (and the Nation)

DAT Solutions has crunched some 2019 numbers and provided three Top Ten lists. Have a look:

Though these listings are from DAT’s internal statistics, they’re a large operation with a substantial perspective on the freight market. Based on DAT’s information, we can make some basic assumptions and create narratives.

Reefer, for example: California cities take four of the top ten spots. Let’s say the products are milk and fresh produce (yes, reefer involves much, much more than that, though we’ll keep it simple here). Makes sense that the fertile Golden State, which supplies such a large percentage of fruits and vegetables, will have that ongoing supply-demand balance and need for fairly continuous freight movement.

With our base of operations in Arlington, we’re naturally Texas-proud of Dallas making all three of those lists. (With a healthy shout out to Houston for ranking fourth in Dry Van and topping the Flatbed category.)

Have a look at our Industry Solutions page. Drilling. Steel. Oil & Gas. Dry Goods. Heavy Construction. Distribution. Manufacturing. Local & Long Haul. Building Materials. All of these are informed by the nation’s industrial needs. Production in each of these industries contribute to making the U.S. economy often hum.

And Texas has all of them.

NATCO is a third-party logistics operation that serves nationwide. (See our network and delivery history by year for the breadth of deliveries.) So, in theory, we could be located in Homer, Alaska and work effectively.

Texas is where we began and where we remain: The largest of the Lower 48 states. The 80,000 miles of highway, most in the nation. The leader in livestock and cotton production. More foreign trade zones (33) than any other state. The most freight intermodal connectors in the country.

NATCO’s headquarters in Texas is strategic. Not to mention the stellar barbecue.